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Proposed Autodesk Organization


The manpower and management crisis that became manifest in June of 1983 prompted many people in the company to suggest means for resolving it. Kern Sibbald submitted the following plan for reorganising the company and making the leap directly from our loosely-coupled mode of operation to full-time professional management.

This plan essentially anticipated all of the development in the company's management through November 1986. One can only wonder how much more smooth the company's development would have been and how much more success would have accrued had we found the courage to take these steps when Kern proposed them in 1983 rather than piecemeal over the next three and a half years.

Proposed Autodesk Organization

by Kern Sibbald -- July 4, 1983

Recently there have been several Autodesk Business Plans or Organizational structures submitted. These are a very necessary part of a solid business, and I am in general agreement with the plans submitted to date. I have taken those plans, carefully considered the ideas in them, and added a number of ideas of my own. Only by being completely honest with you do I feel that I can present my concerns of the company direction and my proposed solutions, so I apologize in advance to those who may feel offended with my remarks.

Editor: John Walker