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Manager of Marketing Division

Job Title: Marketing Manager
Full time

Reports to: CEO

Job Description:

Responsible for all aspects of Autodesk sales and marketing activities. Reports on a daily basis to CEO and maintains frequent contact with other division managers.

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for sales, advertising, customer support, marketing research. Prepares marketing budget on a quarterly basis or more often as need for submittal to CEO. Prepares monthly sales forecast and identifies deviations from approved budget. Prepares sales and advertising plans and submits to CEO for approval. Maintains close contact with operations manager to coordinate planned sales, inventory, mass mailings, etc. Hires, trains, and provides supervision to telephone sales employees. Develops and submits sales incentive programs to CEO for approval. Maintains close contact with manager of technical division to coordinate release of new software and to provide customer satisfaction and quality assurance feedback. Responsible for providing support for end users. Recruits, trains, and supports dealers for Autodesk software. Develops OEM contacts with hardware manufacturers and software houses for Autodesk software.

Job Qualifications:

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