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  1. That the board of directors approve the company structure and job descriptions presented here.
  2. The board of directors proceed to immediately fill the CEO position and turn the job of finding suitable candidates for the other two positions over to the CEO, who will in turn make recommendations for approval by the board.
  3. That none of the five senior management serve on the board of directors. This would require Mike Ford to resign from the board and a replacement be found. I recommend that we obtain someone who is not a shareholder in Autodesk (possibly a banker).
  4. Provide economic incentives for John Walker and Dan Drake to close Marinchip.
  5. Reduce our need for part time employees by replacing them with full time employees over the next several months.
As a final note, the job descriptions attached should be considered preliminary since I have probably not included all functions, and some functions listed under one manager may be appropriate under another.

Editor: John Walker