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Manager of Operations Division

Job Title: Operations Manager
Full time

Reports to: CEO

Job Description:

Responsible for all aspects of Autodesk manufacturing and operations. Reports on a daily basis to CEO and maintains frequent contact with other division managers.

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for manufacturing, shipping, receiving, distribution, courier service, mass mailings, bingo card responses, maintaining a customer database, facilities, and inventory control. Prepares operations budget on a quarterly basis or more often as need for submittal to CEO. Prepares a monthly status report identifying deviations from approved budget. Maintains close contact with marketing manager and technical manager to coordinate planned sales, inventory, mass mailings, etc. Hires, trains, and provides supervision to office employees. Maintains close contact with manager of technical division to coordinate release of new software and appropriate inventory levels. Responsible for stocking and providing supplies to all Autodesk employees. Orders all equipment and supplies for Autodesk and Autodesk employees. Responsible for all incoming mail and maintaining answering and message services for all Autodesk employees. Responsible for paying all invoices. Recruits, trains, and supervises all office employees.

Job Qualifications:

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