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Manager of Finance and Administration Division

Job Title: Finance and Administration manager
Full time

Reports to: CEO

Job Description:

Responsible for all aspects of Autodesk finance and administration. Reports on a daily basis to CEO and maintains frequent contact with other division managers.

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for developing and implementing financial and administrative procedures such as: payroll, bookkeeping, insurance, budget and cost control, personnel policies, accounting functions, procurement procedures, contracts, inventory management and control procedures, security of facilities, legal protection of Autodesk software rights, financial reporting, strategic planning, obtaining appropriate financing, developing the Autodesk business plan. Develops budgeting methodology and aids other division managers in preparing their budgets and quarterly reports. Consolidates budgets from division managers on a quarterly basis or more often as needed for submittal to CEO. Monitors division managers actual cost and recoveries versus budgeted cost and recoveries and prepares monthly reports for submittal to CEO. Prepares comprehensive Autodesk financial reports quarterly. Ensures that taxes and other payments are made in a timely manner to all government agencies. Responsible for maintaining and publishing all software documentation in coordination with the other division managers. Responsible for annual salary survey to ensure that Autodesk compensation structure is competitive with the computer software industry. Publishes monthly report to stockholders. Provides adequate written communication to keep all Autodesk employees and stockholders appropriately informed.

Job Qualifications:

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