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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Job Title: CEO
Full time

Reports to: Board of Directors

Job Description:

Acts as chief executive officer of Autodesk, Inc. and as such is responsible for overall health of Autodesk, Inc. Under broad operating guidelines from the board of directors assumes the full responsibility for keeping Autodesk, Inc. a profitable corporation.

Job Responsibilities:

Plans, directs, coordinates, and controls the daily operation of Autodesk through the four division managers. Exercises the responsibility for preparation of all Autodesk budgets, submits these budgets to the board of directors for approval, and monitors expenditures against the budget. Directs the development of and approves standards and procedures. Responsible for development of Autodesk personnel policies and obtaining approval from the board of directors. Provides board of directors with monthly status report and detailed quarterly financial reports. Assumes responsibility for all aspects of daily operation of Autodesk including hiring, firing of employees, determination of employees' salaries within salary guidelines approved by the board, organizational structure, staffing within approved budgets, approving expense reports. Promotes the Autodesk company philosophy of ``Excellence in Computer Software''.

Job Qualifications:

Editor: John Walker