RetroPK Database

Compiled and presented at the Tucson II conference by Dick Bierman

Bierman comments "Remark that one of the most remarkable findings is the incredible variance in z-scores. Just try it out for yourself (take the sum of z-squares which should be chi^2 distributed)."

"The across experiments variance has a chi^2 value of over 110 with 25 degrees of freedom. This reinforces an earlier finding of mine that I published in the rather obscure
Indian Journal of Psychology where I did a long series of PK [tests] on prerecorded targets with variance as the only dependent variable"

Topher Cooper has provided a very clear explanation of the above remarks.

Bierman, 1-10.89
Schmidt1976JASPR 703.14
Schmidt1976JASPR 704.22
Schmidt1976JASPR 702.90
Millar, 19760.00
Houtkooper1977EJP 1-41.15
Houtkooper1977EJP 1-4-0.28
Broughton, 19770.00
Terry, 1977-3.07
Terry, 1977-1.60
Gruber1980EJP 3-21.90
Gruber1980EJP 3-23.08
Houtkooper1980EJP 3-33.23
Houtkooper1980EJP 3-30.37
Houtkooper1980EJP 3-3-2.45
Schmidt1985JoP 491.82
Schmidt1985JoP 491.96
Bierman1985EJP 5-1.90
Bierman1985EJP 51.54
Schmidt, 502.71
Schmidt, 19881.66
Schmidt, 19910.62
Schmidt, 571.88
Michels1993Skepsis 61.64
Schmidt & Stapp1993JoP 571.23

EJP=European Journal of Parapsychology
JASPR=Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research
RIP=Research in Parapsychology (yearbook)
JSPR=Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
JoP=Journal of Parapsychology