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Technical Project Management

We need a way to go outside for technical tasks without causing dissension and salary bidding wars internally. Perhaps the answer might be to simply take the wish list (or conversion list), and price each item on it (along, of course, with a completion date based on the estimation of the project manager). These items would be offered internally to the stockholders, who could sign up to do them and receive payment according to the scale. (This pay would presumably be in lieu of salary for those on salary.) The residue of unassigned projects could, at the discretion of the technical division manager, and constrained by the budget, be contracted out to outside programmers at the same price scale.

Reporting to the technical project manager are the AutoCAD-86 product manager (Dan Drake) and the AutoCAD-80 product manager (John Walker). The technical project manager allocates resources among the projects.

Editor: John Walker