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Welcome to Horizon Views, showing the stars above the horizon at any orientation. Controls allow you to set time and date, viewing direction, orbital elements to track an asteroid or comet, and a variety of other parameters. Click on the title of any control to display a help page explaining it, or go directly to the help table of contents. You can compose a request with custom settings and save the results in your browser's hotlist or bookmark table, allowing direct access to Your Sky's virtual telescope with all the controls preset to your own preferences.

To get started, enter the latitude and longitude of your observing site in the boxes below (be sure to check the correct “North/South” and “East/West” settings), select the direction in which you wish to view, and press the “Update” button below the form. Your Sky will deliver a map showing the view toward the horizon in the given direction at the present time. On that reply page you can enter different dates and times, observing locations, viewing directions, display options, and orbital elements of asteroids and comets you wish to track. If you don't know your latitude and longitude, you can specify them by selecting a nearby city, then navigate to the Horizon View from the resulting Sky Map page.

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