In Darkness: Africa Images of Africa Totality in Zambia
by John Walker

Victoria Falls

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Here's a view of Victoria Falls from the helicopter. (You'll probably want to click the image to see a larger picture, where you'll find this caption waiting for you at the bottom.) At the left the broad Zambezi plunges 100 metres into the first gorge, raising the eternal cloud of mist and forming a rainbow visible in front of the bridge across the gorge. We're overflying Zimbabwe at the moment; the "Knife Edge" from which the first photo of the falls above was taken protrudes from the Zambia side above and to the left of the bridge. The bungee jumping platform is visible at the centre of the bridge, near the top of the rainbow. Electricity generation in Zambia is in excess of 99% hydroelectric; a power station is visible at the right of the image, along with outflow from the turbines into the gorge. After the falls, the Zambezi traverses a series of zigzag gorges, the first two of which are visible here.

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by John Walker
July, 2001
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