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Friday, November 10, 2017

New: Univac Document Archive

I have just posted a new section on Univac Memories, the Univac Document Archive, which contains PDF scans of hardware and software manuals, sales brochures, and related documents for the Univac 1100 series from the 1107 through the 1100/80.

This collection includes some classics, including the original 1966 EXEC-8 manual whose camera ready copy appears to have been printed (in all capitals) on a 1004 line printer.

There remain a number of lacunæ. I'd love to add hardware manuals for the FH-432 and FH-1782 drums, the FASTRAND, and the CTMC, and software manuals for the Collector, SECURE, FORTRAN V, and others from the era. If you have any of these gathering dust in your attic, why not dig them out, fire up the scanner, and send them my way? (Please scan with at least 300 dpi resolution. I have a PDF editor which allows me to clean up raw scans and put them in publication-ready form.)

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