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Friday, October 10, 2008

Radio at All Times—at All Places

Millennials, grasp the concept—your great-grandparents had access to “Real Entertainment—Anywhere—Anytime”, sent wirelessly to their personal mobile receivers, offering free selection among a multitude (well, actually several) broadcast programmes, all pretty much the same.

How things have changed! Now your iPhone can stream Web video and audio from around the world, wherever you happen to be, but what about your physical well being? I'm talking about muscle tone. That trendy appliance may plug you in to the global feed, but what's it doing for your cardiovascular health? You want red blooded mobile connectivity? Check out the Knight Portable Radio from 1930! Six tubes—single dial tuning—all batteries included (let's not get into how long they last), with a ready-to-take-into-the-sticks weight of just 26.5 pounds (12 kg).

This and many other wonders will be posted as our four-page-per-week serialisation of the 1930 Allied Radio Catalogue continues at Fourmilab.

Posted at October 10, 2008 00:17