This page describes, in Unix manual page style, an addition to the PBMplus raster image toolkit which converts images written in the native file format used by the Santa Barbara Instrument Group's astronomical CCD cameras into a portable graymap suitable for processing with other PBMplus utilities.


sbigtopgm - convert an SBIG CCDOPS file into a portable graymap


sbigtopgm [ sbigfile ]


Reads an an image file in the native format used by the Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) astronomical CCD cameras, and produces a portable graymap as output. Additional information on SBIG cameras and documentation of the file format is available at the Web site


All SBIG CCD cameras have 14 or 16 bits per pixel; PBMPLUS must be compiled with BIGGRAYS defined in pbmplus.h or this program will fail. When BIGGRAYS is defined, raw format output is disabled for pgm and ppm files; the resulting ASCII files are much larger and take far more time to read and write.



Download sbigtopgm.tar.gz (gzipped TAR archive)


John Walker

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by John Walker
January 24th, 1998