Science Fiction: Original Stories

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When a new scientific phenomenon is discovered, it's often the case that many prior observations were made without recognising their significance at the time. In this story, two programmers mount their own Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, not with a radio telescope, but in archives on the Internet.

Not with a Bang

A simple experiment in the desert casts long shadows in history.

Free Electrons

Just because you're a subatomic particle doesn't mean you can break the law!

Einstein, Heisenberg, and Tipler

Three great twentieth-century physicists: Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, and Frank Tipler stand before the Throne of God on Judgement Day. Original science fiction story.

The Hacker and the Ants: Epilogue

Rudy Rucker's 1994 science fiction novel The Hacker and the Ants (reprint: Four Walls Eight Windows, 2003: ISBN 1-56858-247-1) concludes with all the loose ends tied up. Or does it? Here's a chapter that starts at the end of Rudy's book and puts a somewhat different spin on the events that precede it. SPOILER WARNING!! Don't read this until you've finished Rudy's book. Being a conclusion, it gives away many of the plot twists in the earlier chapters.

Flying Saucers Explained

Several lines of inquiry suggest that a physical theory which unifies the seemingly incompatible worlds of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics may also be a prerequisite for the complete understanding of life and consciousness. Taking this already extremely speculative notion as the point of departure, this document explores how many seemingly enigmatic aspects of the UFO phenomenon fall neatly into place and, at the same time, explains several curious aspects of the origin of life on Earth.


As life inexorably expands from the home planet throughout the galaxy and beyond, there will come a time when our descendents render a new planet habitable every day. Terranova invites you to visit the terraformed planet of the day. New: Planet Maker lets you interactively create planets, cloudy skies, and star fields in your browser.

Trek's End

End of the world: don't you just hate it when that happens? Here's a risk you may not yet have pondered.

Vacuum Propellers

Fast interstellar travel will never be possible with any kind of rocket, regardless of the energy source (be it chemical, nuclear, or antimatter), due to the need to carry the rocket's reaction mass on board. How can a person who coined the maxim “Never invest in something that violates a conservation law” seriously entertain the possibility of “propellantless propulsion”? This brief document speculates on how a “Vacuum Propeller” might be built which violates no law of physics.