Autodesk and AutoCAD

The Autodesk File

The history of Autodesk and AutoCAD told through contemporary documents, edited and annotated by Autodesk founder John Walker. You can read this 900 page book on-line on the World-Wide Web, or download a copy to read or print off-line in either PostScript or Adobe Acrobat PDF format. New: Fifth edition (2017) updates to modern Web standards, typography, and navigation.

Autodesk Vintage Image Gallery

This gallery contains a collection of photographs from the early days of Autodesk, including the presentation to prospective institutional investors in Autodesk's initial public stock offering (IPO) in 1985, trade show exhibits in 1984 and 1985, and the first use of AutoCAD (and perhaps of any CAD system) in underwater archaeology in 1984.

Autodesk Premises Over the Years

This document is a Google Maps application which shows overhead imagery of all of the sites of Autodesk's headquarters in California and the European Software Centre in Switzerland from the company's founding in 1982 through the present. The images are linked directly to the Google Maps server and can be panned and zoomed to explore the vicinity.

Autodesk Stock Price Database

Microsoft Excel database of Autodesk, Inc. stock (NASDAQ-ADSK) from its initial public offering in 1985 through mid-1996. Daily high, low, and closing prices are included, along with volume. Annotations point out significant events in the company's history and contemporary news items. All quarterly sales and earnings reports are noted. A daily price chart linked to the database is included as well as a database which ranks Autodesk among countries of the world, considering its most recent yearly sales as Gross Domestic Product and number of employees as population is included. Charts of the relative strength of Autodesk stock compared to shares of Borland, IBM, Intergraph, Microsoft, and the Dow Jones 30 Industrials are available, as well as a chart which compares stock performance under each “administration”—chairbeing and president—since Autodesk's initial public stock offering in 1985. Requires Microsoft Excel 5.0 or above.


Developed in 1990 as a demonstration of the AutoCAD Development System (ADS) then being readied for shipment with the upcoming AutoCAD Release 11, ClassWar used ADS and the ATLAST embedded language toolkit to implement a true object oriented extensible database for AutoCAD, in which graphical objects could define their behaviour through embedded code. This is an archive of the code and documentation as it existed in May, 1990. It is not usable with any current version of AutoCAD and is of historical interest only.