Recommend a Book

Is there a great book you think I've overlooked? Just enter the ISBN (International Standard Book Number—it's usually on the back cover or the copyright page) in the box below and click “Recommend”. If you don't have the ISBN at hand, leave it blank and enter the title and author's name and I'll look it up. If you'd like to enter both the ISBN and the title and author, go right ahead. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Webmaster corner: Want to add this “recommend book” form to your own Web page? You'll need the ability to install a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script in the Perl language. You can download the JavaScript validation program, a model Web page which invokes it, and the Perl CGI script which processes requests as the Zipped archive This software is in the public domain and may be copied and used in any manner, but it is utterly unsupported—you are entirely on your own.