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SCAN Commands

The following commands are recognised by SCAN.

+TITLE text

The text is saved as the document title. The title is always displayed while the document is being read.


The text, which should be of the form ``1980 Mud Slingers International'' will be displayed as a copyright notice when the document is being viewed. This may, in the future, be used to control reproduction of an encrypted document.

+number text

If a single digit number from 1 to 9 follows the plus sign, this specifies a section break in the document. Up to 9 levels of sections are allowed. The title for each section is the concatenation of all sections with numbers less than or equal to the last section number which appeared.

Important: If no +number item is used, SCAN will break the document into paragraphs separated by blank spaces. Each will be assigned a paragraph number. This allows unencoded documents to be processed reasonably.

Editor: John Walker