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Developers' Tool Kit

As more and more graphics hardware comes onto the market, Autodesk plans to support it in AutoCAD to maximise the user's choice. The large installed base and rapid sales pace of AutoCAD makes it an important potential market for developers of graphics hardware. Autodesk's Developer's Tool Kit makes the union of these common interests less costly and time consuming to both parties. After evaluating a piece of hardware and concluding that support of it by AutoCAD would be beneficial to the Company and its customers, a Developer's Tool Kit may be sold to the hardware vendor. Using a manual specially written for use with the Kit, the hardware vendor can program a driver which allows AutoCAD to run his device. Since developers are usually more experienced in programming their hardware than Autodesk, this expedites the development process. After the driver is complete, is it certified by Autodesk's Quality department before shipment with AutoCAD. Autodesk retains title to the driver developed by the hardware vendor and has so constructed the Kit that it discloses no proprietary information. Autodesk charges a fee for the Kit which covers support costs in aiding the developer in using the Kit.

Editor: John Walker