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    An architectural design consists of drawings describing the structure to be built, plus extensive documentation provided to the contractor who constructs the building. AE/CADD[Footnote] is an integrated design and drafting system designed especially for architects which automates drawing tasks and automatically builds the construction documentation directly from the drawing, guaranteeing consistency between the drawings and contractor information.

Driven directly from a digitiser template supplied with the package, AE/CADD automatically constructs walls from dimensions supplied by the designer, joins walls at intersections, breaks walls to insert doors and windows, and automatically draws stairs, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and structural details. Notes are automatically attached to markers in the drawing, and when the drawing is complete, AutoCAD's database link is used to automatically prepare the construction documentation describing the job.

AE/CADD allows an architect to make basic drawings much faster than with a general purpose CAD system, then eliminates the time consuming task of preparing the construction documentation. It is generated automatically from the drawing, preventing discrepancies which take time and cost money to correct in the field.

Autodesk plans to extend AE/CADD with additional templates to cover structural, mechanical, landscape, space planning, electrical, site planning, and plumbing drawings.

AE/CADD was constructed using the user-customisation features of AutoCAD. Written as a set of AutoCAD custom menus and symbols, AE/CADD may be installed on any machine which runs AutoCAD. The implementation of AE/CADD, accomplished initially by non-Autodesk personnel with access only to information provided to all AutoCAD purchasers, illustrates how AutoCAD can be adapted for specific application areas.

AE/CADD, sold with a suggested retail price of $1000, turns an AutoCAD system into a powerful design tool for architects.[Footnote]

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