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My first assumption is that Autodesk is looking for an individual who will be a leader and a strong, highly-competent manager. Autodesk is not searching for a super-hero, nor are such characteristics needed to succeed as CEO, nor would we likely to find such a person if we were foolish enough to seek one.

Second, we cannot expect to find candidates who have already demonstrated success in running organisations of Autodesk's size and complexity. People who are currently CEOs of multinational S&P 500 companies with a billion dollar market cap, quarter billion revenue, rapid growth, gut busting margins, and more money than Scrooge McDuck   are rarely out on the job market, and if they are it's probably an indication we don't want 'em. Whoever we pick will almost certainly be assuming the largest challenge so far in their life, and that's even more reason to focus on the fundamental capabilities that indicate the potential for growth into and in the job. If you find     Bill Gates or Philippe Kahn standing in line at the unemployment office...hire them, but don't waste a lot of time looking.

Editor: John Walker