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What do we do next

The first thing to do is to show up at our organization meeting at MSL on January 30, 1982. You should give some thought to the points raised in this paper about commitment of time, and should also be able to give an idea of how much money you'd be willing to risk on this venture (whether you have it or not). Also, we'd like an idea of what kinds of work you'd like to concentrate on, and any ideas you have for products we might get into. In particular, if there are any items in this paper that are ``show stoppers'' for you or with which you take violent exception, that's the time to bring 'em up and hammer them out. At the end of that meeting, which will probably be very long and detailed, I hope that those who are interested in proceeding know who they are. Then we'll start putting numbers on paper and see what we're getting into.

We should shoot for having the company in operation by mid-March. We cannot dawdle, but we also are going to do it right this time. We're just going to do it fast!

Editor: John Walker