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Priorities--Marketing Division

First priority for the marketing division is the recruitment of additional marketing personnel. Within the marketing division I place the receptionist/order-taker function, as well as the customer support function. We need to have our phone answered reliably within 3 rings within business hours. We need to have a trained customer person on call at all times. We must authorise expenditures to achieve these goals. Further, we need an additional full-time marketing person, whether reporting to Mike Ford or coequal with a defined territory. Ideally we can recruit this person on a stock+commission basis. Next, we basically need to take the money left over and turn it over to Chuck Victory with the instructions ``create us an ad campaign''. We don't have the resources internally to do this advertising function, so we have to buy it, regardless of the price. Perhaps upon her return, Roxie Walker could be attached to the marketing department and given responsibility for development and execution of the advertising, show, and promotion campaign, a function she has done for us in the past. We must establish ourselves as the industry leader, with brochures, advertisements, and point of sale material that confirms our position.

Editor: John Walker