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An AutoCAD enhancement technical session was held on Monday, June 6, 1983, at John Walker's home. Present were Dan Drake, Richard Handyside, Rudolf Künzli, Duff Kurland, Greg Lutz, Lars Moureau, Mike Riddle, and John Walker.

A list of desirable features was compiled and discussed with varying degrees of detail. An attempt was made to prioritize these items, and some were assigned to individuals for implementation. This document has been prepared so that those who were not at the meeting (and those who were) will have a basic understanding of what's going on, and what the project names mean.

A few general notes are in order before presenting the list of features. First of all, AutoCAD-80 is not expected to be enhanced at all. Secondly, the priorities were set based on a combination of factors:

Lastly, strict priorities have not been set. Some of the low priority items may actually be among the first done, if they're in areas where we're already poking around.

I have included notes on the discussion of most items, but they are by no means complete. I would welcome comments, clarifications, and additions; this list will be continually updated, and published at reasonable intervals.

Editor: John Walker