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Minutes and Financial Report

There was no dissent from the published minutes of the July meeting. John Walker presented the financial report. The balance of funds last month was $45,592. Expenditures have been as follows:

 Supplies                                     85
 Softcard for Apple                          382
 Digitizer for MicroCad project              665
 C compilers                                  42
 Apple documentation                           ?
 Total                                     1,671

 Income: Interest from CPF                   325
 Current Assets:                          44,426

Marinchip Systems, Ltd has for various reasons bought items for ADI worth about $1,542. ADI has also agreed to buy hardware from Duff Kurland in the amount of $5,115.[Footnote] This makes:

  Current Liabilities:                      6,657

Planned expenditures include compilers (C, PL/I, CB80), business supplies such as invoices, and computer equipment, as yet unspecified, for the use of Mauri Laitinen.

Editor: John Walker