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Details--Marketing strategy

As soon as we have the software on the node board, we will begin a multi-pronged marketing strategy.

We will market the 68000 utilities (QBASIC, SPL, WINDOW, WORD, etc.) under other operating systems by directly contacting other 68000 vendors and through Lifeboat. This would be sales on an OEM buyout or on a royalty basis.

We will announce a 68000 ``system'' and advertise it. This system will have a 9900 running NOS in 64K as the support processor.

We will announce the 68000 node board as an add-on to our existing customers and OEM's. We will emphasise its use in expanding or building large NOS configurations.

We will advertise the 68000 node board as a CP/M addition. We will supply CP/M program and disc so our software can be used on the 68000.

What we want to do is to sell the 68000 software to OEM's, and possibly (say under XENIX) to end users. We'll try lots of alternatives to get the visibility we need to find them.

Editor: John Walker