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Details--Software Conversion Plans

MS will write a 68000 assembler and linker in SPL. This will initially run on the 9900.

MS will develop an NOS support module for the 68000 which will allow programs to run as under NOS. It will make requests to the master CPU for I/O. This program will probably be put in PROM once stable. Marinchip will develop support code in NOS to handle these requests. This will probably initially be a user program (which will fit in space below the system). If demand seems to justify it, MS will develop a host support program for CP/M.

Somebody will convert META and its runtime system to the 68000.

Somebody will use 68000 META to convert QBASIC 2.x to the 68000.

Somebody will convert WINDOW and SPELL using the new QBASIC (not trivial because of assembly routines).

Somebody will convert Osborne packages, Selector, etc., to 68000 QBASIC.

Somebody will convert EDIT, WORD, and other 9900 assembly programs to the 68000, carefully considering whether they should be redone in QBASIC or SPL.

EC will convert SPL to the 68000. Using SPL, Interact may be converted.

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