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68000 System Prospects

John Walker has been talking with a company who's developing a 68000 CAD system about getting a loaner system from them for converting MicroCAD to the 68000 (which they would then license from us).[Footnote] If we can work such a deal, we'd be able to get a 68000 development machine in house immediately without having to spend any money. Since one of the major advantages of the 68000 is the speed and large memory that suits it for graphics, I suspect that there's more than one software-hungry vendor who might be interested in loaning a system to get a package like MicroCAD converted to it. If you see announcements of 68000 based systems that look like good prospects (e.g., have 400x400 or better graphics and cost less than $13,000 with discs included), pass on the information and we'll contact them.

Editor: John Walker