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About this Edition


The Autodesk File:

Bits of History, Words of Experience

Edited by John Walker

Except as otherwise noted in the text, this book is in the public domain and may be reproduced, distributed, and quoted as long as the source is cited. The Third Edition of this book was published by New Riders Publishing in 1989 as ISBN 0-934045-63-6, with copyright retained by Autodesk, Inc. This edition was prepared solely by the editor, to whom Autodesk returned rights to all the material in the Third Edition plus the new Autodesk documents which appear here. ``Autodesk'' is used herein solely to identify the company, not to imply endorsement of or responsibility for the content of this book. Autodesk retains no copyright interest in the material published herein, and is neither responsible nor liable in any form for this book and its content.


Production Notes

This World-Wide Web hypertext edition of The Autodesk File was prepared in August of 1994, and is a complete and unabridged reproduction of the PostScript and Adobe Acrobat electronic editions published in February of 1994.

The Autodesk File was written using the LaTeX document preparation system, and was converted into a WWW HTML file by Nikos Drakos' marvelous LaTeX2HTML. Translation of this document into HTML required in excess of 1 gigabyte of virtual memory and more than one hour of CPU time on a 136 MIPS Silicon Graphics Indigo2 workstation with 128 megabytes of physical memory.

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Editor: John Walker