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Nuclear Ninety North

Eclipse of the Midnight Sun

August 1st, 2008

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On the Bridge

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L066.jpg

2008-07-24 22:58 UTC Click images for reduced size. 89°30.28'N 61°59.28'E

Except during critical maneuvers, the bridge is open to passengers, as long as they don't touch anything or get in the way. Here are some views of the bridge as we approached the North Pole. The ship has three electrically powered screws, two of which rotate in one direction and the third in another to minimise torque effects, and the ship is steered with differential thrust as well as the rudder.

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L067.jpg

2008-07-24 22:59 UTC 89°30.59'N 62°2.92'E

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L068.jpg

2008-07-24 22:59 UTC 89°30.53'N 62°3.36'E

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L069.jpg

2008-07-24 23:00 UTC 89°30.88'N 62°5.58'E

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L070.jpg

2008-07-24 23:01 UTC 89°31.01'N 62°7.41'E

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L071.jpg

2008-07-24 23:02 UTC 89°31.18'N 62°10.30'E

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L072.jpg

2008-07-24 23:04 UTC 89°31.66'N 62°24.30'E

Eclipse 2008 gallery image L073.jpg

2008-07-25 01:20 UTC 89°53.80'N 23°8.75'E

When this picture was taken, we were less than seven nautical miles from the North Pole.

by John Walker
August 20th, 2008
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