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Sunday, August 27, 2006

ETSET Version 3.3 Posted

Version 3.3 of ETSET, which translates electronic texts written in human readable form into LaTeX (and thence to PostScript and PDF, if you wish), HTML (either single document or individual chapters with navigation links), or Palm Markup Language (PML) to produce eReader books which can be read on a variety of handheld platforms, is now available.

Version 3.3 is a minor update to version 3.2 which corrects errors in HTML generation when Unicode character entities are enabled which could result in mismatched opening and closing quotes and character entities in the document and chapter titles being inadvertently translated into HTML escape sequences. A new “--match-quotes” option scans for potentially mismatched double quotes, but since it reports multiple paragraph quotations in which all paragraphs other than the last begin with a quote but omit the closing quote as potentially mismatched, you'll have to review these manually if they occur in your document.

ETSET is a C++/STL program written using the Literate Programming methodology in the CWEB System; the source code and complete documentation (both user-level and internal) may be read online (PDF file).

Posted at August 27, 2006 16:04