Books by Cellan-Jones, Rory

Cellan-Jones, Rory. Dot.bomb: The Strange Death of Britain. London: Aurum Press, [2001] 2003. ISBN 1-85410-952-9.
The bubble in Britain was shorter and more intense than in the U.S.—the mania didn't really begin until mid-1999 with the public share flotation of Freeserve, then collapsed along with the NASDAQ in the spring of 2000, days after the IPO of evocatively named (a rare survivor). You're probably aware of the much-hyped rise, profligate peak, and ugly demise of, poster child of the excesses of Britain, but how about First Tuesday, which almost succeeded in raising US$15 million from two venture funds, putting a valuation of US$62 million on what amounted to a cocktail party? The babe on the back cover beside the author's biography isn't the author (who is male), but British sitcom celeb Joanna Lumley, erstwhile spokesblonde for ephemeral on-line health food peddler

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