Working Paper

Information Letter 1

Information Letter 2

What to Name the Company

Information Letter 3

Information Letter 4

Initial Stock Distribution

Information Letter 5

Information Letter 6

Information Letter 7

Information Letter 8

August 1982 Meeting

AutoCAD-80 Development Log

1982 Annual Meeting

Quality Department Priorities

Meetings: December '82, January '83

February 1983 Meeting

March 1983 Meeting

June 1983 Meeting

AutoCAD Wish List

Crisis Letter

John Walker's Business Plan

Proposed Autodesk Organization

July 1983 Meeting

Low Rent 3D

Electric Malcolm

October 1983 Meeting

Piece of Cake

Information Letter 10

Information Letter 11

The Deal on the Table

AutoCAD Lite

Taxes and Such

Why Lisp?

Number One

Prime Time

Initial Public Offering

Surplus Value

Information Letter 12

Time of Turbulence

Speech at Silverado

Super Programmers

CAD: the Heart of Computer Science

The Computer Revolution


Flat-out Programming

Hardware Lock Debater's Guide

Information Letter 13

Cadetron and Solid Modeling

Removing the Hardware Lock

Urgent Fury

The Portable Data Base

Breaking the 3D Logjam


Urgent Worry

The Golden Age of Engineering

Cosmic Perspective

External Tanks

Source Distribution

The Morning After


Where's It All Going?


Bored of Directors


L'Envoi: the First Six Years

Technological Leadership

Through the Looking Glass

AutoCAD Expo Moscow

Golden Hammer

One Hundred Million Dollars

The New Technological Corporation

Generic Software Acquisition

Why Cellular Automata?

Understanding AMIX

Batting .300

We'll Return, After This Message

Caustic Moment

The Hardware Lock Strikes Back

``Autodesk Arrogance''

Why Molecular Modeling?

Whither AutoCAD?

Nanotechnology in Manufacturing

Max Q

Information Letter 14

View from the Ridge

Valuing Corporate Image

Simulation Isn't Reality

The New Autodesk

Choose Wisely

Added Value

Stating the Problem

Al Green Retires

Incentives, Deterrence, and Defence

Searching for a New CEO

European Software Centre

The Dark Night of the Soul

Reporter at Work

AutoCAD for Windows


New Leadership for Autodesk

Farewell, Xanadu

Micro Engineering Solutions Acquisition

Patent Nonsense

Programs Are Programs



Ten Years After

Before Autodesk

The View from Sweden

Autodesk Trivia Quiz

Financial Results

Autodesk Stock Price History

Product Release History

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